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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

サムライ・ハイスクール / Samurai High School

Samurai High

2009, nine-episode JDorama that stars Miura Haruma as Mochizuki Kotaro, the distant relative of a samurai warrior who died in battle at age seventeen and who is a polar opposite of his modern-day ancestor with the same name.

Modern Day Kotaro

Modern-day Kotaro is an idiot with no guts or ambition who can't, seem to get anyone to like him; though he does have a girl 'friend' who tolerates him, and early in the show, he befriends a big dufus (Shirota Yu as Nakamura Tsuyoshi ) after he rescues Nakamura from a group of 'bully' chicks who've forced the coward into stealing an expensive watch.

Kotaro & friends

Of course, these guys are all in the D class in high school, and their futures aren't looking too bright, either, but their teacher (a mousy chick unable to smile) has faith in them.

Modern-day Kotaro has wandered into an historical library, where he meets a woman dressed in traditional kimono and who talks 'rather funny' (dialectic), but who is also capable of manipulating and intimidating Kotaro into reading ancient script written by his warrior ancestor.

It is at this point in the story (manga turned anime turned drama) where our cowardly hero finds out the details of his noble history, and at home, he confronts his seemingly cowardly father about what he's learned; hoping to find out more.

The mother appears to be the one running the household, calling all the shots, and flexing her 'muscle', but as the story progresses, we come to find out things aren't quite what they seem.

The mysterious woman at the mysterious, historical library warns Kotaro that if he spills the beans, or if anyone discovers the truth about having his samurai ancestor possess him on occasion, that he will die -

- so, it is up to the cowardly teen to keep things under wraps, but whenever the samurai possesses him, it becomes difficult for those around him to not notice the difference in his personality, his persona, and in his dialect as well.

Right away, Kotaro is introduced to his samurai ancestor when he becomes super angry and someone suggests that he 'die'.

A really cool process occurs where zodiac symbols encircle him, and then the samurai's spirit takes over Kotaro's body.

What's even better about this far-fetched scheme, is that Kotaro takes on this ultra-hot persona, making him macho, fearless, and ... well ... SEXY.

Kotaro's sexy, warrior counterpart

Samurai Kotaro is no-nonsense, bad-ass to the bone, and he shows no fear when dealing with the dangerous situations modern-day Kotaro faced before being pushed over the edge, so-to-speak.

Naturally, in each episode, Kotaro is faced with a new dilemma that ends up turning him into the samurai warrior, but all that needs to occur to change him back is for the girl 'friend' to hug him.

Toward the end of this happy romp through make-believe land, I began to resent the chick for always sending away the testosterone-laden, hunk-da-fied version of Kotaro.

I chose to watch Samurai High because of Miura-kun, and then I was glad I did for more than just a chance to stare at him for nine episodes.

This was a charming, make-believe story obviously based on manga, but that managed to keep me interested from start to finish, and it wasn't, so stupid that I had to groan or roll my eyes even once, either.

For me, the funniest parts always came when the samurai version of Kotaro had to face the girl - and while she was thinking in terms of modern-day aspects about life, the samurai's attitude was far removed from reality ...

Another time, her friend chased after samurai Kotaro and told him how cool he was, and samurai replied by informing her that the other girl was his woman, but that she would make a suitable concubine.

If you haven't seen this yet, I suggest you make some time for it, because I doubt you'll regret it.

Here are the rest of my pictures ...

Kotaro and Samurai finally meet

Kaku Kento as Iwanaga Jin

Chibi from Operation Proposal

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