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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Friend / Chingoo

2001 Korean movie that is based on the real life of the author, who hung out with three, other boys growing up in Pusan, and while he and another boy ended up on the 'right' side of life, two others didn't, quite make it according to what society dictates as good or meaningful existence.

Later, Hyun bin starred in a drama based on the same story, (Friend, Our Legend), and I've tried a few times now to watch it clean through, but I just, can't do it.

The movie, however, was a fascinating watch and one I highly recommend if you've got the time.

I've always been a sucker for true stories, and this was no exception.



  1. sweety would be cool if you could show me where we can watch it , dont you think ? kiss

  2. hi anonymous, and you can always try Amazon, E-Bay, or one of the many online viewing options. requires sign-up, but the videos are viewed in their entirety there (not youtube cut-offs), youtube, mysoju, etc.
    thanks for the comment!


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