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Friday, August 14, 2009

Favorite Dramas Currently Airing

Right now, I'm watching three dramas simultaneously - and they are

Buzzer Beat

Dream 2009


Yako no Kaidan

Of the three, I'm having the most fun watching --- Buzzer Beat.

It stars Yamashita Tomohisa, Ito Hideaki, Aibu Saki, Kitagawa Keiko, and Ogi Shigemitsu.
Kaneko Nobuaki (かねこ のぶあき) also stars as an off-beat character, and the more of him I see on film, the more of him I like.

He's not homely, but Yamashita isn't as exciting a man to look at (for me anyway) as my all-time favorite, Hideaki Ito, and he's the reason I became interested in the Basketball drama to begin with.

Yes, it's a sports-theme drama, but - HIDEAKI ITO!
I'll watch anything this guy stars in, I swear.

DREAM stars Joo Jin mo and Kim bum - and again, Jin mo is ten-times hotter (to me) than bum.
I figured Kim Sang bum was popular with teenagers because he's from a KPop band or something, but I guess not.
He starred in Boys Over Flowers (didn't care for it).
Joo Jin mo is sexy-handsome, and he's the reason I'll be watching the rest of Dream as each episode is uploaded.

This is another sports-theme drama, but from Korea instead of Japan, and instead of basketball, it's about kickboxing.

Lastly, there is YAKO NO KAIDAN, which stars Naohito Fujiki - a guy on par with the likes of Hideaki Ito imho.
This, too, is an exciting and intense drama, but the uploads for this on are way, too slow.

Naohito is in several dramas this year, but the quality of the uploads on are far greater than on Mysoju, so it takes them longer to upload videos.
This is fine with me, though!
So, I'll watch Yako no Kaidan first, then go on to the other dramas he stars in later on.

In Yako, he's a popular hairdresser who is under suspicion of murder, and the detective on the case is the voice-over who tells the story.
He's never looked hotter or more suspicious to me than in this drama, and I can't get enough of Yako no Kaidan!

With the exception of the latter, Buzzer Beat and Dream are uploaded via ViiKii.

ViiKii sucks, I'm sorry.

It's run by teenagers who use English as a second language, or by western Asians who are as uneducated as the rest of the western population.

At the site, and underneath each episode you work on, is a place to leave comments, and for an entirely unknown reason, those comments appear at the top of the video screen!
It's gay, it's insane, and it's totally frustrating for someone who is trying to read the translation, watch the show, and try to ignore the garbage printed at the top of the screen.

"OMG! He's so cute!"
"WTF? She so ugly!"
"kekeke, so cute when he smiles!"

It's juvenile annoyance I can do without, that's for sure.

As I've said before, I tried working for ViiKii during East of Eden and Kingdom of the Winds.
I'd change things like spelling errors, incorrect phrasing, and ubiquitous nonsense like "...", and double-type, like "...but but he's not ggoing..."
things like that.

and Every, single time, someone came behind me and put back whatever it was I changed.

It's not a question of sour grapes, either.

I don't know about the rest of the interested world of Asian cinema, but if the folks in dramaland want to make a profit on DVD sales, then they need to get serious about the quality of their subtitles.

Don't get me wrong, because without fansubbers, no one could have as much fun watching a brand new drama from Asia, but if they want to sell the DVDs to these things (and yes, I'd be willing to buy them), then it's wrong for the company to use such groups as ViiKii, With S2, SARS, and Band o Nuts that destroy the quality of the $65-$250 DVDs.

I'll continue to watch online for free and illegally, and just keep hitting the pause button to re-read what's written and make my own judgment calls about what's actually said.


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