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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Attention Please!

2006 JDorama that stars

Ueto Aya as Misaki Yoko


Nishikido Ryo (that dude from NEWS) as Nakahara Shota - an airline mechanic working for JAL, where Yoko hopes to become a flight attendant even after finding out that the guy from her 'punk band' days isn't, actually interested in girls who wear a uniform - which was the only reason she decided to apply for flight attendant training in the first place.

I didn't rate this drama quite as highly as others I've seen, and not because I didn't care for this story because I did, actually - it just wasn't, quite up to JDorama standards as far as I was concerned.

Didn't care for the theme song, either - but this time I remembered the MUTE button.

In each of the eleven episodes, we watch as our young, energetic and totally clueless Yoko goes through the motions of flight attendant training while incurring the wrath of a sour-face matron instructor not even involved directly in Yoko's training.

The woman in charge of her class is a beauty with poise but who also has that sour lip position a majority of the time.

Yoko is loud, carefree, and she dresses funny, but even after finding out that the guy she was in love with isn't interested in her or chicks in a uniform, she decides to go ahead and learn how to serve tea to passengers at 30,000 feet.

Ryo's Shota held true to his 'Ryo' expression throughout, and he was even rude to Yoko on occasion, but believe it or not, he actually cracked a smile here & there - or was it just once that I noticed and was so shocked, it stuck with me for a few, more episodes?

Regardless, Shota was cool, aloof, and a help to Yoko every time she felt like walking away from the monotony of her training.

Attention Please! focused mainly on the rigors of training for this type of job, which helped me to better understand the inner workings of what on the outside appears to be a glamourous position in life.

I recommend this if you are snowed in, have the flu, or a long weekend with no plans.


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