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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Binbo Danshi / ボンビーメン / Bomb bee men


A January to March, 2008, Japanese drama that stars Shun Ogiri as Koyama Kazumi, an overly friendly, eager-to-please college student who spends money like he was born into it when in reality, he's as poor a chap as you or I.

I stumbled up this one at, and wow! was I happy that I did!

It's nine, amazing episodes that take us step-by-step through Kazumi's honest intent to repay the $1.1m yen debt he's accumulated while making friends  along the way.

It's labeled as a comedy, but the fact that I hardly laughed during any of the episodes has absolutely nothing to do with it's actually being a somewhat comedic endeavor.
I cried more than I laughed, but that's beside the point.
Binbo Danshi was heartwarming, charming, and sentimental without all of the stereotypical hogwash that goes along with it, and while each of the characters interested me enough to want to get to know them better, this drama managed to pull something off that few others can:  it kept my focus riveted on and rooting for the main character, Kazumi, from beginning to end.

When Mirua Haruma entered the picture as Shiraishi Ryo, a troubled 17-yr-old thinking he's responsible to repay a $10m yen debt incurred by his father, I will admit to being somewhat startled, if not slightly aghast by what I saw.

Miura Haruma

Don't get me wrong; the dude is beautiful, but that's what left me spellbound for a time, and then feeling slightly uncomfortable about it later on.
I mean - he's too beautiful, if you get my drift.
Feminine beauty on a guy rubs me the wrong way, and I know, how utterly old-fashioned of me in this day & age, eh?
I'm sorry - it still creeps me out.
High fashion trend in Japan is for guys to look like, act like, and want to be like girls, I know.
What do they call them again?  Grass eaters?
It's gay in every sense of the word, and not something I hope will continue as a trend, much less have that big of an impact anymore, kind a like the way I feel about sagging pants, bald heads, and goatees.

Enough already with the unattractive weird, ok?

Anyway, Binbo Danshi left me with that warmhearted feeling, making me happy to have watched, and I thoroughly adore as much as I appreciate this.
It also conjured up those odd, playstation game moments as much as it had me thinking about Manga, which I'm sure this drama stems from - as do all the others nowadays, but still, that isn't a BAD thing in this case.
It showed us the 'other' side of Tokyo, the side where Manga perpetually revolves, and its fictitious characters made me wish they were somehow real - like I wish that was the real Tokyo, and I like it.
Let's look at more pics, shall we?
Kazumi in more trouble with the debt collector dude

For a poor dude, he had a lot of modern conveniences at his disposal

Kazumi in a rare, relaxed moment at the Coco Restaurant

How he does that with his fingers manages to escape me

the cast


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