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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lucky Romance #review


Writer -  Kim Dal nim (2014  Naver webtoon), Choi Yoon kyo
Genre -  Romance
Network -  MBC
Episodes -  16
Released -  2016,  May - Jul
Ken Dolls -  yes
Cinderella -  100% but with a twist



Shim Bo nui, a woman of blind faith in superstitions and fortune-telling, hooks up with Je Soo ho, the CEO of a Game Development Co who is a genius and adheres to scientific and logical beliefs. The two share common ground in code and development but continue to butt heads over science vs. mysticism. ~me


Very glad this stopped at sixteen!

It was fun, quirky, refreshing, silly, and yet also well-written.

I came across this one by accident and am happy it turned out that way, because while it might not be up there with the greats that have been (and still are being) released, it is worth the watch because of a number of things.

Mainly, the two leads had great chemistry.

I adored them together and they looked believable together as much as they behaved like friends/lovers together.

It worked.

The supporting cast, not so much, but they did manage to lend enough clarity, spontaneity, and stress relief to make for a valid ensemble.

Super happy to see Ryoo Joon yeol again (Answer Me, 1988) and I think that Hwang Jung eum is very pretty.

Loved her hair, her face, and her sense of style, though that style proved a tad bewildering as well.

Her outfits were awesome to say the least, but then she chose to pair them with the most god-awful shoes imaginable, and constantly added pants -- which, for the life of me, I will never understand.

I mean, he handed her a gorgeous, expensive dress that was exactly her style, and when she wore it that evening for their date, she had a pair of freaking JEANS on underneath!


I'm sure it'll become a fad with all the girly chicks, and I recall its having made an attempt a few years back, too.


Just . . . no.

It just makes me wonder, does she have knobby knees? Stumps for legs? Calves too fat? Cellulite already?

I couldn't understand what she wanted to hide or even why she wanted to hide at all, and for heaven's sake, yoga pants would have done the trick with far more panache.

And, while I'm on Fashion Police patrol, she is supposed to be poor and hugely in debt, with the wispy notion of making all of her outfits by hand, yet she shows up to work in Christian Louboutin heels.

She also lived in a very cool apartment that couldn't have been cheap, and it was loaded with all of the Korean drama set designer goodies one comes to expect in a story along these lines.

None of which belong to a poor waif and none of which a poor waif could afford.

And I must mention the fact that this is the first time I've ever seen a Korean drama character use a KEY to lock an apartment door.

But, enough with the confusion and on with the story.

It's about a male prodigy who owns his own Gaming Enterprise and a superstitious female who believes all the wrong in the world is directly her fault.

He's gun-shy around people, cameras, and chaos while she avoids people for the opposite reasons.

The two do share a love of Code and are good at putting together interesting and unique gaming concepts.

He is estranged from his common parents while she lost hers in an accident, and a few years later, her younger sister is also struck by a car and ends up in a coma.

Bo nui (couldn't figure out if it was Bony or Pony) has remained in her childhood apartment with the hope of bringing her sister home one day, when along comes a national hero and recent Australian Open winner, who just happens to be a kid who grew up in the same small apartment complex.

Choi Gun wook (Lee Soo hyuk) has returned to Korea from Canada to secretly search for his father when he bumps into Sim Bo nui and falls in love.


Bo nui gives him the brush-off since she believes she'll kill him if she gets involved, but Gun wook is as persistent in love as he is at tennis.

Meanwhile, nerdy Je Soo ho (Ryoo Joon yeol) is in trouble when his latest game release is sabotaged on Press Release day.

Ryoo Joon yeol

Bo nui's good friend happens to work at ZeZe and panic-phones Bon nui to ask for her help in solving the spyware dilemma for her dashing boss.

Bo nui ends up in an animal costume to hide herself and avoid jinx'ing an already jinxed project, but her expertise is too late when Soo ho stands on stage in front of a lot of news people and flashing cameras as things go haywire.

Bo nui happens to be close enough to Soo ho to be able to reach out and take his hand, helping him off the stage.

Now Soo ho is intrigued by the pretty yet mysterious girl, but fear not, oh silly Geek boy!

Bo nui ends up working at ZeZe on a collaboration she created and ZeZe wants to produce, so for the next three months, she's contracted to work alongside Soo ho and the romance begins.

He helps her to overcome her superstitious beliefs and she helps him overcome his fear of most everything.

Her sister eventually recovers, the two lovers eventually end up in bed together (yes, they did!), and even the tennis great ends up finding his appah.

But, that doesn't mean this could have ended at episode 14, because nothing good ever lasts, right?

More angst, suffering, and tears are endured until finally everything falls into place and THEN we have our HEA.

And it was a good one.

I do have one, last curiosity question, though.

Why does Lee Soo hyuk tend to play Second Lead that will NEVER result in his getting the girl?

He's also always in a position where viewers don't WANT him to get the girl!

As far as the syndrome goes, I think he's a great catch -- but never as a second.

As for every role I've seen him star in, it would be better if this guy takes LEAD roles from here on out so we can enjoy watching his romance take shape instead of always having to watch it fizzle and die.

No way I wanted her to choose him over cutey-pie Soo ho.

Ryoo Joon yeol



great together


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